2021-22 Individual & Committee Responsibilities

As of 9/10/2021

Co-ClerksLyn Ballou and Rob Levin 
Co-Recording ClerksLise Wagner and Patricia Pyle
RecorderLise Wagner
Treasurer (Operating Account)Kathy Beach
Treasurer (Contributions)Jane Mullen
Treasurer (Special Funds)Kathy Beach
Reviewer of Financial RecordsBeth King
Special Needs FundChris Beach and Elizabeth Szatkowski
Youth Religious Ed. CoordinatorAndy Grannell
 Nursery Ed. Coordinator Susan Grannell
Meetinghouse Use CoordinatorLise Wagner, backup Sarah Cushman

Ministry and Council

Beth Bussiere-Nichols, Christine Fletcher, Fritz Weiss, Kiya Smith, Add Dodd-Collins, Peter Woodrow, Maggie Nelson, Jessica Eller, Chris Beach

Financial Oversite

Jo Linder, Emily Silevenac, Daryl Renschler, Sue Nelson, Becky Steele, Murel Allen, Kathy Beach (ex officio), Jane Mullen (ex officio), Alan Farneth, Dick Stratton

Communications Committee

Newsletter: Heather Denkmire, Liz Maier

Website: Rich Nagle

Directory: Sarah Cushman

Egroup Coordinator: Heather Denkmire

Recording Assignments:

First Sunday – Chris BeachSecond Sunday – Gail Scott
Third Sunday – Bob MassengaleFourth Sunday – Gaynell Boehne
Fifth Sunday – Julie De SherbininBackups – Elizabeth Szatkowski,
Rob Levin, Patricia Pyle

Buildings and Grounds Committee

Karin Wagner, Syl Doughty, Tracy Booth (summer only), Peter Raszmann, Bernard Mohr, Wayne Cobb, Bill Diffenderfer, Mary DeSilva (Kathy Beach, Chris Beach, Doug Malcolm – helping hands)

Resource Committee for FSP

Mary Tracy (’22), Mettie Whipple (’22), Lea Sutton (’22), Kathy Beach (’23), Stan Scott (’23), Nipper Harding (’23)

Library and Records Committee

Andy Grannell, Kristina MacCormack, Sally Farneth, Mia Bella D’Augelli, Kate Wininger, Liz Maier

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