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FAQ: For more information about Meeting for Worship at Portland Friends Meeting please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Recent Newsletters: Please see the current edition of the Portland Friends Meeting Newsletter (in the “Announcements and Newsletters” section, right sidebar) for more information about Meeting activities and for current contact information for different Portland Friends Meeting Committees.

Timely Meeting Updates: To keep further abreast of timely Portland Friends Meeting updates, please subscribe to the Meeting’s Yahoo e-group by e-mailing the current E-group Coordinator, Roger Roy, to subscribe.

Use of the Meetinghouse: For information about use of the Meetinghouse, please see the Rental Information page.

Membership: Learn more about membership.

Location: The Meetinghouse is located at 1837 Forest Ave, Portland, ME 04103

More Information: If you still have a question about Portland Friends Meeting after looking over our site, please contact one of the Co-Clerks, via the following:

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