For Older Teens/High Schoolers

A group of five teenagers are sprawled out on a checkered couch and a rose colored futon. Three are wearing masks (COVID). There is a window with bright light. One wall behind the teens is slanted, showing the room is in the top floor of the building.


We are reviving the older teen programming at Portland Friends Meeting. It has been gently laying fallow, and is beginning to germinate!

As of February of 2024, we have begun meeting on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at 10am.* The content of each gathering varies; we will always incorporate Quaker process in decision making and we will always have fun!

If you have any questions, ideas, or want to get involved, please contact Heather Denkmire at

If you are a high schooler now, let Heather know and she’ll add you to the group text!

* We are a COVID-safe community and ask all participants to either mask, or take a COVID test before joining in. (Tests are available in the teen room!)


I’ve never been to Meeting for Worship, can I attend the older teens programming at Portland Friends Meeting?
Yes! Teens who have grown up in the Portland Friends Meeting and the simply Quaker-curious alike are welcome!

What is the “teen programming” at Portland Friends Meeting?
As of this writing, we don’t actually know! Heather will be talking with our teens to find out what they’re interested in and we’ll grow it all from there. For sure, there will be a component of Quaker education — First Day School (gathering together on Sundays), for example. We know that teens already have social lives, this will be for teens who are curious to know more about what being “a Friend” means in Quaker terms. Will we have pizza and movie nights? Game nights? Will we go bowling? Volunteering? Will we attend protests? Or will we create our own Instagram and/or TikTok? Maybe some or all of these! It depends on you, the teens.

What does “Quaker” mean?
This is a complicated question! We think that the New England Yearly Meeting — where Friends Meetings connect — has some good answers as a start.

I’m a teenager in the 8th grade, can I attend the older teens group activities?
We wish everyone could attend older teen activities! We’ve decided to follow the Portland public school system’s “cut off” for high school. So, if you turned 14 before 10/15/2023, you are considered an “older teen” during this (’23-’24) school year. If not, we are so excited to see you in a year or two (or three or four!).


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