2012 Individual & Committee Responsibilities at PFM

2012 Individual & Committee Responsibilities at PFM

(as of January 8, 2012, new this year in italics)

Co-Clerks of Meeting …………………  Muriel Allen    &     Anne Harwood

Co-Recording Clerks  (Bus. Meeting)…. Lyn Ballou       &   Jenny Doughty
Recorder (Meeting’s official records) … Lise Wagner              

Treasurer  (Operating Account) ……… Kathy Beach

Treasurer  (Contributions) …………… Sue Nelson                     

Treasurer (Special Funds) …………… Sara Jane Elliot     

Reviewer of Financial Records ……… Beth King

Special Needs Fund ………………….. Chris Beach    &    Elizabeth Szatkowski

Youth Religious Ed. Coordinator……. Anne Payson

Nursery Religious Ed. Coordinator…. Aja Stephan            

Meetinghouse Use Coordinator ……. Jane Mullen                    

      Back-up Person ……………………      Patricia Pyle              

PFM’s Nominees to FSP Board………       _______________    

Egroup Coordinator  …………………       Mary Beth Walsh   


Ministry & Counsel   (meets 3rd Thursday, 6:30, Back Classroom            

Jenny Doughty  (’12)     Lee Ivy              (’13)  Jim Maier       (’14)

Kate Potter        (’12)     Christine Fletcher (’13)  Arthur Fink    (’14)

Stephanie Richards      (’12)    Dee Kelsey           (’13) Lyn Ballou      (’14)


Peace & Social Concerns                               

*Kiya Smith,  Jennifer Frick,  Sydney McDowell,  Karin Wagner,  Tom Tracy 

Dennis Redfield,  Muriel Allen (ex officio)   

Financial Oversight Committee                                                                        

*Tom Tracy,  Terry Garrett,  _______________

Kathy Beach, (ex officio),  Sara Jane Elliot (ex officio),  Sue Nelson (ex officio),

Communications Committee                                       

Newsletter:  Anna Barnett,  Marion Lundgren, Liz Maier, Tony Scilipoti,  H. D. Wagener.  Website Development:  Tony Scilipoti, Arthur Fink, Darlene Ivy, Rich Nagle, E-group Coordinator = Mary Beth Walsh (Back-up = Patricia Pyle). 

Recording Announcements: 1st Sun:  Chris Beach, 2nd Sun:  Patricia Pyle,

3rd Sun: Stephanie Richards, 4th Sun:                              , 5th Sun:  Christine Fletcher

●Buildings & Grounds (meets 3rd Sunday, 9:15, Kitchen)                       

* Liz Maier, Ward Archer, Dorothy Coyle, Syl Doughty, Tom Pulling, H. D. Wagener,

 Will Kessler, ____________James Grumbach (winter only), Tracy Booth (summer only),

Ed Robinson (helping hand). 

PFM Resource Committee for FSP                                          

Rita Clifford (’12),  Stefanie Fairchild (’12),  Kate Potter (’13),  Kiya Smith (’13),

  Chris Beach (’14),  Terry Garrett (’14)

Library Committee                        

*Karyl Sylken, Colleen Crowley, Stephanie Richards, _______________

Cemetery Committee                                                           

  *Ed Robinson,  Andy Grannell,  Lee Ivy,  Al Schryver,  Karyl Sylken, _______________

Earth & Spirit  (meets 3rd Sunday, 9:15, Back Classroom)                       

*Barbara Rose McIntosh,  Mary Brock,  John Radebaugh,  Ed Robinson

Aaiyn Foster, Holly Travers,  _______________ ,


Pastoral Oversight Committee  (meets 3rd Sunday, 9:15, Parlor)   

* Shannon O’Connor & *David Spector Sue Calhoun,  Morgan Grumbach, 

Kristine MacCormick,  Al Norton,  _______________,   _______________,

Hospitality Committee                                                              

*Heidi Johnson,  Marlee Turner, Sarah Cushman,  Christina DavisEmily Silevenac

Adult Religious Education Committee              

* Brad Bussiere-Nichols, Andy Grannell,  Sandi Jensen, Elizabeth Szatkowski  &

Donna Yellen,  _______________,   _______________,  

●Youth Religious Education Committee      

* Shuli Bonham, Chris Fitze,  Chris Gunderman,  Susan Lavigne,  Obie Philbrook, Lise

Wagner, Sarah Davis, _______________, Anne Payson (ex officio), Aja Stephan (ex officio)

●Teams to Clean up & Close Meetinghouse after Meeting for Worship          

1st First Day of month: *Chris Beach    &      Kathy Beach 

●2nd First Day of month: Jen Frick & Peter Raszmann + Brad B-N & Sandi Jensen

●3rd First Day of month: Marnie Grumbach      &  Morgan Grumbach 

  ●4th First Day of month:  Marion Lundgren      &  H. D. Wagener 

5th First Day of month: Christine Fletcher       &       Richard Nagle  

Leadings:  Patricia Pyle, Brad B-N., Jasa Porciello, Lise Wagner, Muriel Allen, Sandi Jensen

Archive Committee (re-born)Karyl Sylken, Sandi Jensen, Andy Grannell, Colleen Crowley


Nominating Committee (To be reconstituted in February of 2012)

*Chris Be.  (’11);  Elizabeth Sz.  (’11);  Rob Le. (’11);  Rita Cl.  (’12); Kate Po.  (’12)

*   = Convener or Clerk of committee; (______________ = position yet to be filled)

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