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Portland Friends Meeting House Rentals – Pay as Led

Offering the meetinghouse for use is a form of outreach. We utilize a “pay as led” policy  for all groups and people who use the meetinghouse. Pay as led is a way of acknowledging that wealth is not distributed evenly and that Portland Friends want the building to be available for community use. Pay as led means that you reflect on and discern what amount you are led to pay for use of the space. We ask that you consider your financial resources and the value you believe use of the space brings to you. Based on this personal reflection, we invite you to pay as you are led, and to make a donation that feels appropriate to you and helps cover the cost of your use of the building.

Who May Use the Meeting House

  1. The Meeting House will be available for rent to individuals, groups and organizations with similar  values/concerns as Friends. When individuals or groups requesting rental are unknown to the Meetinghouse Use Coordinator, other experienced members may be consulted to assist that person to consider such requests for rental.
    2. The Meeting House will be available to members and attenders of Portland Friends Meeting as follows:

a. for Meeting-related activities at no cost.
b. for celebration of life events such as birthdays, marriage or memorial services for a pay-as-led donation- see suggested amounts below.

3. The Meeting House is available for day use by other Quaker organizations such as New England Yearly Meeting or Quarterly Meeting if limited to 1 time use per quarter at no cost. For more frequent use each quarter we will use our pay-as-led policy- see suggested donation list below.

4. The Meeting House will be available to NEYM for weekend use at a small donation offered, if limited to 1 time use per quarter. Maximum number of people for overnight retreats held at the meeting house is 60. For more frequent use each quarter we will use our pay-as-led policy- see suggested donation list below.

5. Maximum number of people for day use is 100-110 in the Worship Room.

6. The Parking Lot accommodates about 35 cars during weekdays, with 20 additional spaces available on Sunday Mornings. Beyond this, drivers will need to find on street parking.

Suggested Rental Fees Portland Friends Meeting House 2023

2-4 hours 4+ hours
Whole Building $300 $390
Upper Level
Meeting Room $100 $135
Meeting Room parlor and library $125 $165
Parlor and library $75 $85
First Floor classroom $50 $65
Second Floor Classroom $50 $65
Lower Level
Multi-purpose area, no kitchen $80 $115
Multi-purpose area & kitchen $145 $190
Whole building except kitchen $260 $330
Whole building including kitchen $300 $390
Basement Childrens’ Room $50 $65

Please see the Responsibilities for Renters of Portland Friends Meetinghouse for more information.

View the Meetinghouse Rental Contract.

If you are interested in renting space at the Meetinghouse, please contact the current Meetinghouse Use Coordinator via e-mail (click here) or call 207-939-1312.

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