Awakening the Dreamer


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Where are we, at this moment, in our relation with our Earth?

How did we get to this point?

Where do we go from here?

We invite you to explore these important questions, as we present 


Committed to bringing about an environmentally sustainable, socially just, and

spiritually fulfilling human presence on this planet.

The Symposium is based upon a partnership that has developed between the Achuar people from the Amazon,and people from the industrialized world, who met them in Ecuador.

This exciting, timely presentation will bring you to the realization that we are at a moment in history whenthe Eagle – the symbol of the developed world that represents the best of the intellect and the mind – and the Condor – the bird that for indigenous people represents the best of wisdom and the heart – must come together to ensure the continued existence of humankind.  We have much to learn from each other.

Date: Feb. 4, 2012

Time: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

(arrive 9:45 for start time of 10 a.m.)

Place: Portland Friends Meeting

   1837 Forest Ave. (between

       Hannaford and Tortilla Flat)

Bring bag lunch, drinks provided

Pre-register:, especially if you need child care

Please join us as we address these questions with brilliant, impactful videos and interactive exercises. You will have opportunities to add your own thoughts, raise your own questions, and to meet fellow humans who share your interests and concerns.  We will make you aware of ways in which you can join in the fast-growing, powerful global movement to bring about positive change. You may find yourself in a state of what Paul Hawken calls “blessed unrest”!

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