Shared Witness

Bring Ideas to the Shared Witness Conveners


The conveners are currently Mary Tracy, Denis Lachman, and Emily Troll. Anyone involved in meeting can bring an idea to the conveners – is that you?

What is Shared Witness?

Shared Witness is when Spirit leads the Meeting to a collective sense that we must respond together to a call to take action in the world. And we have a designated fund to financially support such calls, as well as a seasoning process. Decisions are made by discernment at Meeting for Worship for the Conduct of Business. The role of the conveners is one of nurture and facilitating clearness. Please review our guiding document for more details. 

How do I get involved? 

Denis has graciously agreed to be our point person: Please email him the gist of your idea, and feel free to include any collaborators on the email. We’ll find a time to meet in person and dig into good conversation together, guided by, but not limited to the queries in our guiding document. There’s no deadline, we welcome your ideas on a rolling basis. 

We are eager to join with you to make space for even more Spirit and action in our Meeting. We are ready and Open for Business!

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